Make Your Space Stand Out with an Accent Wall

Making a space unique can be challenging, but adding an accent wall is a simple and effective way to bring character to any space. It can make the room more interesting and personalize it a bit towards your tastes without performing a complete overhaul to the space. There are a number of different ways to accomplish this, tailoring the aesthetic and visual interest to the specific use of the room. An experienced professional like Metrix Painting can bring your vision to life, creating the perfect atmosphere for any space.

Benefits of Using Professional Accent Wall Services:

  • Attention to Detail: Clean lines and smooth transitions between colors is important in making your accent wall stand out. Precision is key in these projects, and this attention to detail is vital to make your accent wall the aesthetic feature you are hoping for.
  • Top Quality Materials: Know you’ll be getting the best products for your project if you work with us. Metrix Painting uses high-quality tools, primers, and paints, meaning you’ll have a durable finish no matter what surface you need painted.
  • Expert Execution: Professionals like us will be able to get your project done thoroughly and quickly, making sure the disruptions to your schedule will be held to a minimum. Because of our training in numerous techniques, we will also be able to execute your ideas and design accurately.
  • Creativity & Communication: Not only can we bring your vision to life, but we can also implement other unique finishes to achieve the desired look. By communicating your ideas with us, we can also provide insight as to how to make your project come alive while standing the test of time.

Give Your Space Dimension

Creating an accent wall is a simple method to enhance any room, and it can add more visual interest in a number of different ways. It can create a driving focal point in your room, or it can accentuate some of the features already in the space. Accent walls have become a popular addition to interior home repainting jobs because they add personalization to an otherwise new space.

By getting creative, you can even create new highlights through that creative expression. From making children’s rooms pop to giving definition to other spaces like offices, reading nooks, or dining rooms –accent walls are a cost-effective way to really overhaul a space. Most rooms are just four walls, but turning one of them into an accent wall can improve the atmosphere and give it a personality all its own.

Accents & Patterns

  • Unique Dimension: By adding a different color or texture to one wall, you can add more depth and dimension to a room. This makes for a more dynamic feel to a space, as well as making it more visually appealing. Consider the color scheme of the room, and choose a color that complements or contrasts with the other walls.
  • More than Solid Walls: Stripes or other patterns can deliver a dynamic design, and these can be created by properly placing painter’s tape. Whether the stripes are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, it will make the space unique. You can also create patterns like chevrons, herringbone, or even zig-zag those stripes to create a stunning visual attraction to the room.
  • Highlight Features & Artwork: If there are other architectural features in a particular room, the accent wall can be used to draw attention and really define that room. Particularly if it’s a large space, these accents can break that area up while still sticking to the other accents and features of the room. Accent walls can also bring attention to a favorite piece of artwork, enhancing the piece as well as the room. This can really help create balance to otherwise monotonous rooms.
  • Cover Up Damage: Along with giving a new aesthetic to a room, an accent wall can also be a great way to cover up some cosmetic damage that happened during construction or a move. This can give the room a fresh look and remove other unsightly issues along the way.

Bring Your Rooms to Life

Metrix Painting knows the importance of creating a unique room, and they will communicate with you every step of the way to ensure your vision is being realized. This is a vital part of Metrix Painting’s process with any project, meaning you can rest easy knowing your idea is in the hands of professionals who will execute it properly. Working with the experts at Metrix Painting can help your vision become a reality.

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