While a whole-home repaint certainly carries a high impact, that impact would not be the same without the finishing touches, like baseboards, trim, molding, and doors. These elements help create boundaries within your home that create a clean, visual experience.

It’s important to consider these items when repainting any space – a new baseboard can take a home from dated to modern in one installation. Doors are each room’s first impression, so having a quality paint job and product is a great way to make your home’s first impression a good one.


Baseboards are not only a minor design element in your home, but they also serve several practical functions. Considering your overall aesthetic is important when selecting a baseboard style, but it’s important to be mindful of their more prominent functions.

The major functions of baseboard are:

  1. Protects walls from dust, water, and physical impacts – baseboards are intended to protect the bottom part of your walls from the normal wear and tear on your home. Properly installed and painted baseboards can protect your walls from water damage or knicks and dings.
  2. Make uneven floors appear even and conceal gaps – most homes settle over time, meaning that floors and walls are rarely straight lines. When installed properly, baseboards mitigate these inconsistencies and make your home feel as if it’s even.


There are four main types of trim, although there are countless variations within these four main types. 

Window Trim – While you might not see trim on every window, adding it is a great way to enhance the appearance of any window. The creates a clear frame for the window and can be customized to fit your home’s unique style. 

Door Trim – Sometimes referred to as door case, door trim is the border that encases your doors on the interior. There are several styles, but the function is to create a seamless transition between your wall and door. 

Baseboard Trim – Baseboard trim exists exclusively on the bottom of your walls to help protect them from damage and create a consistent look throughout your home. It’s very common to match your baseboards to the trim you select for your windows and doors.

Chair Rail Trim – This trim is installed directly on walls and is traditionally used to prevent chairs from hitting walls. However, it has recently become a design element to add texture to your walls and room.


Molding is historically known as a way to add a unique design element throughout your home. It creates a feature that draws the eye up and allows people to take in a room visually. 

In the same way that baseboard functions for the floor, molding functions that way between walls and ceilings. It’s also a selling point for people looking for “character” in homes.


Your home’s first impression begins at the door. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of high-impact paint colors on doors – a trend we are 100% behind. Thankfully, those doors also lock, giving us security and peace of mind. Interior doors provide some other, less discussed, benefits to our home. 

  • Privacy between rooms
  • Noise Reduction
  • Temperature Regulation
  • Zoning
  • Accessibility
  • Resale Value

Having poorly painted or worn doors is a quick way to diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home, so it’s important to consider this when repainting your home or redesigning a space. 

Metrix Painting is an expert at painting your home’s interior finishes so they’re clean, consistent, and functioning optimally. If you need help refinishing these elements in your home, contact us today!