Whether you’re moving into a new home, opening a new business, or simply renovating, we know that finding the right painting contractor is crucial. After all, a perfect paint job provides the foundation for a beautiful space. At Metrix Painting, we offer a wide array of interior and exterior services to help you get the job done right. Check out our portfolio to see photos of some of our transformative projects. 

For over 25 years, Metrix has served the Denver community with our first-rate and detail-oriented painting services. Our mission at Metrix is to provide the highest level of quality in the painting industry while maintaining the best value for our client’s money. As a local business, we are dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients by providing high-quality and budget-friendly services. Whatever your next project calls for, our team of skilled, professional, and punctual painters will deliver exceptional service to help transform your space. So, what’s your next project? Let’s talk! 

Send us a message or give us a call to get in touch with one of our expert painters. Unsure about the scope or scale of your project? No problem! Schedule a Free Estimate today. We look forward to becoming your trusted painters. 

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