Your Fence Protects Your Privacy, so Protect Your Fence by Staining It!

Your yard is your sanctuary. Keep it that way by protecting the fence that surrounds it. Colorado’s climate can put a beating on untreated wood, and staining it can give it the right level of protection – while still portraying that beautiful look. You want privacy without split boards or other issues that will diminish your investment.

It doesn’t take long for a fence to look beaten up and warped in this mile-high sunshine; most of that can be protected with a simple application of protective stain. It’s much cheaper to re-stain your fence every couple of years than to install a new one. This process can last the test of time and keep your fence looking spectacular.

Explore the Benefits of Staining Your Fence

  • Protection & Prevention:

    Colorado’s weather can cause your fence to get exposed to many different elements, but that doesn’t mean it has to get beaten up by it. Staining will protect your fence against the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping it from deteriorating due to exposure. The stain will also repel water, keeping rot and mold from impacting the integrity of your fence.

  • Natural Look:

    Staining your fence makes the natural texture of the wood pop, making it appealing to the eye. This keeps the natural, authentic look of the wood, which holds up longer and looks better than simply painting over it. Stains also come in many colors, allowing you to keep that gorgeous, natural look – even if you want to change the color entirely.

  • Enhance Your Space

    Along with the natural beauty of wood, staining your fence can boost the overall impression of your space. Fences bring privacy but can also be a beautiful feature in your landscape. A neatly-stained fence can spruce up your yard’s beauty. If you have a deck, matching the stain on the fence with the deck can streamline the image of the entire area, making it a more pleasing all-around aesthetic.

  • Extend the Life of Your Fence:

    Staining protects the integrity of the wood, allowing you to enjoy its beauty for a more extended period. This is more than protection. It also makes the fence more manageable to clean and maintain. The stain will resist dirt and grime while preserving the authentic look. Everyday maintenance will be minimal, and keeping up with regular staining can help your fence stay gorgeous and functional for years.

Allow Your Fence to Stand the Test of Time

Your fence is part of your investment in your home. Whether it’s there to offer privacy, keep pets from wandering, or just mark where your yard begins and ends, it’s an important part of your property. Nobody wants to look at a worn-down eyesore whenever they enter your yard. Maintain your fence’s integrity by giving it the proper protection.

Our Fence Staining Services Include the Following:

  • Preparation

    Metrix Painting will consult with you on the right color to keep the look of your fence consistent, and then we’ll get to work. Prep work includes clearing all items from around the fence to make sure that plants and other items won’t be damaged. We can inspect and repair any minor issues before thoroughly cleaning the surface.

  • Power Washing

    Making sure the surface is smooth and clear of any debris is imperative to lock in the protection of the stain on the untreated wood. Metrix Painting will power wash the entire surface to ensure there won’t be any mistakes or inconsistencies with the application – allowing for a consistent and clean surface.

  • Staining or Painting

    Once it’s time to apply the stain, Metrix Painting works meticulously to give you an even, consistent look across your fence. By following the wood grain and working to avoid overlap, you’ll get even coverage for a beautiful look across the whole fence. We’ll keep a close eye on the process, ensuring there is no excess to prevent annoying sticky spots or uneven drying.

Get the Fence Your Yard and Family Deserves

Metrix Painting uses the best products and maintains constant communication to make sure the project ends up exactly how you want it. Nobody wants their fence to become a maintenance headache, and staining it will give you the look – and protection – you’re looking for. Keep it looking great for years, knowing you’re getting a professional job done right.

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