Deck Staining and Painting to Refresh Your Outdoor Space!

Living in Colorado means making the most of the outdoors. Your deck is the place that enables those memories to be made in our state’s beautiful weather while entertaining at home. Give your deck the reward it deserves. Staining not only improves the look of your deck but also protects it to ensure it continues to be a great gathering place. 

If your deck looks tired, it probably is. Staining will boost the overall aesthetic and make it easier to maintain. There are many options, fitting every situation to give your deck the top-quality finish it deserves. 

There’s a Bundle of Benefits To Staining Your Deck

Once we do a thorough walk-through of your project and provide you with a detailed estimate, we follow these steps to get the job done:

  • Protection

    Being outside, there are a lot of rigors your deck goes through. Weather isn’t always friendly, and those sunny Colorado days can take a toll. Staining protects the wood from water penetration, mold mildew, and punishing sun. The right stain can even reduce the risk of boards warping.

  • Cost Savings
    Painted decks are a common sight, but a stained deck is better. Staining can be more cost-effective in the long run because it requires fewer touchups and less maintenance than paint. You won’t only be saving money, but you’ll have more time to spend enjoying the space.

  • Maintenance

    Staining your deck streamlines cleaning. It’s much easier to clean a stained deck than painted or untreated wood. The stained surface also repels dirt and other debris, which makes the process more accessible and cuts the cleaning time.

  • Beauty

    The right stain can showcase the character of the wood. Stains are designed to bring more depth to the surface by giving richer color to the wood. Some stains bring out the natural wood, but there are also more vibrant hues. Match your aesthetic and make the space as individual as you are.

Get the Most Out of Colorado’s Beautiful Weather

Every deck goes through different amounts of wear and tear, but the Colorado sun is a constant – even if the weather can change rapidly. Protecting it from those elements is essential, but you can get that protection while adding beauty to the space. Metrix Painting takes time to understand what you want from your deck, and then we work with you to ensure you get the look and the functionality out of it.

Our Deck Staining Services Can Include the Following:

  • Prep Work

    Metrix Painting addresses the entire area – including stairs and railings. We don’t just focus on the deck but look at the whole space to ensure your look stays consistent throughout. Prep work can include sanding as needed to remove rough spots and splinters. A uniform surface can transform your deck and make the wood more receptive to stains.

  • Staining

    The most critical aspect of the process, we’ll make sure the stain covers everything and is distributed evenly. The look will be consistent throughout the deck’s surface, to the spindles and railings. Metrix Painting even pays extra attention to seams and joints where water may accumulate, giving you the best protection. Our stain naturally seals as it dries, leaving a long-lasting, high-quality finish on your deck for you to enjoy for years.

Treat Your Deck Right & It Will Continue to Serve You

Metrix Painting treats your deck like its own with the best products and a quick turnaround whenever possible. This is an important gathering place for family and friends, so you want to make it last. Your deck will feel like new and be ready for continued use for years to come. Get the right stain with the right quality. This process will be executed perfectly and professionally by working with the best in the business. 

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