Painted Masonry for a Refreshed Look and Long-Lasting Protection

Masonry brings an aesthetic unlike anything else, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed to fit your style. Brick, concrete, and stone surfaces can sometimes use a bit of a touch-up to give the area a fresh look. Updating the curb appeal of your brick home can give it a distinctive look and protect it against all of the weather problems Colorado throws your way.

Just like any material, erosion, and exposure to the elements over time can damage the integrity of masonry work, as well. Some specific challenges accompany painting over masonry because it’s different from other exteriors.

Check Out the Benefits of Masonry Painting Services

Once we do a thorough walk-through of your project and provide you with a detailed estimate, we follow these steps to get the job done:

  • Protect the Beauty

    Painting masonry surfaces delivers another protective barrier against the elements. Bricks and other stone surfaces have a great look, but they’re also subject to moisture penetration. This repeated erosion causes cracks to develop, and the paint will shield the material underneath. This protection holds against rain and snow, as well as harmful UV rays, which can also damage the structure’s integrity over time.

  • Boost Durability

    A well-applied and well-maintained paint job will significantly increase the lifespan of all masonry surfaces. By reducing wear and tear, these surfaces will remain intact and hold their strength for much longer. This can save you money over the long term because paint is far more cost-effective than other extensive repairs.

  • Make Maintenance Easier

    Painted surfaces are much easier to clean and maintain. Dust and dirt come off quickly and easily, keeping your building looking fresh and new. Before painting the surface, existing cracks and other gaps will be sealed. This will prevent existing damage from worsening, while the fresh paint will deliver another layer of protection. This can bring the life back to your masonry, allowing it to last much longer.

  • Enhance the Aesthetics

    Painting masonry work can immediately bring a significant improvement to the overall appearance of a building. Not only will you be able to choose between a wide variety of colors, but it can help bring back the visual identity of the space. Masonry painting services in Denver can help a building look fresh and new while increasing its attractiveness by making it look well cared for.

Get Your Masonry Looking Like New Again

One of the main reasons people love masonry is the timeless look it offers. Bricks and other stone works complement any surroundings – from residential to commercial. Even though it can blend seamlessly with any environment, it is subject to wear and tear like all exteriors. Painting your masonry work can give the whole place a lift, protecting it. There are many design possibilities with masonry, and there are a variety of directions to go when painting it, as well.

Our Masonry Painting Services Include the Following:

  • Preparation

    Before getting started, the masonry surface needs to be clear of dirt, dust, mildew, or any previous paint. This may include power washing or scraping and sanding, but it will ensure a clean surface for your new look. This step also includes identifying any cracks or other damage to the surface, followed by the proper repairs.

  • Priming & Paint

    Masonry surfaces need a layer of high-quality primer before applying any paint. However, painting masonry is not as simple as painting other surfaces. Different masonry requires specialized coatings to help the paint job last the test of time. The type of paint and number of coats depends on the surface, so let Metrix Painting help you get the proper paint and number of coatings for your type of surface.

  • Clean-Up & Quality Inspection

    Metrix Painting will always go the extra mile to ensure the site is cleaned to the customer’s satisfaction. We will also do a post-painting inspection to make sure any touch-ups or corrections that may be needed get addressed promptly and adequately. We can also offer advice for ongoing maintenance to the newly painted surface to ensure the life of the paint job extends well into the future.

Masonry Painting Done the Right Way

Metrix Painting prides itself on constantly communicating with its clients so that every project meets your expectations. Protecting the beauty and strength of your masonry work might just come down to giving it a new look – because Metrix’s process entails more than just applying a fresh coat of paint.

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